Free Michigan Attractions Through the Michigan Activity Pass

Michigan Attractions

Just because the summer is over, and school is back in session, that doesn’t mean that your family has to quit enjoying their time together visiting Michigan Attractions. The fall is a wonderful time to get out and explore Michigan before the ground is covered in snow and the temperatures begin to drop. There are still a couple good months for spending time in the crisp fall air, and of course, there is the added benefit of not having to slather anyone is sunscreen or douse them in bugspray.

Plus there are many attractions that your family can visit for free. The Michigan Activity Pass is a combined effort of Michigan libraries and parks departments, as well as many other dedicated sponsors. Anyone with a library card is able to get a Michigan Activity Pass that gives them free admission to historical sites, campgrounds, parks and a huge variety of cultural attractions across the state.

You can pick up your pass at your local library. If you want to explore the possibilities, you can do a search to see what attractions are included in the Michigan Activity Pass at their website. According to the Hometown Life article, “Free Pass to Michigan Attractions Available at Library” Jim Pletz, the director of the Michigan Library network is really excited to be able to offer this program to members of the community,

“The Michigan Activity Pass is a great value for our patrons as it encourages people to enjoy some of Michigan’s greatest resources free of charge.” Sandra Clark, director of the Michigan Historical Museum said, “We look forward to offering our patrons the Michigan Activity Pass. It’s great to give Lansing residents another reason to visit the library and experience so much more than they may realize is available to them with their library card.”

This year’s program will run through May 23rd, 2016. This is the third year of the program, so chances are good that new program will launch in May for 2016 to 2017. It is the perfect time to get out and explore some of the attractions that you have always wanted to visit. Get your free camping done quickly before the temperatures cool off, and remember when we are suffering through a freezing winter, that there many museums available through the Michigan Activity Pass for some educational, indoor fun.

For more information on Michigan activities and attractions you don’t want to miss, just visit one of our favorite websites! SIPIGO – Search It, Plan It, Go!


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