Michigan Events: Celebrate Spring by Watching Vintage Baseball in Saginaw

michigan events

Back before Cracker Jack® made its debut in Chi-Town, Michigan’s gentlemen were mixing it up on Great Lake State’s baseball diamonds. Of course the game wasn’t anything like it is now but that doesn’t mean folks can’t recapture the sport’s glory days in Saginaw. Located in Saginaw County, it is home to a special group of dapper dressed men who know how to pitch a no-hitter and catch a fly ball old-school style, the Saginaw Golds.

They are one of many vintage baseball clubs responsible for some of the best, nostalgia-fueled, Michigan events imaginable. In 2015, they’ll be kicking off the City of Saginaw’s vintage baseball season on the afternoon of May 3rd. Unfortunately, it’s scheduled to be an away game but no matter. They call Ojibway Island home so the team won’t stay away for very long. Their season typically runs straight through the end of September.

The team is presently owned by Lumberaron Campau and managed by Dos Equis Curry. Their team captain is Squints McCauley. Last year, he managed to hit an impressive home run and help the team rack up some serious points. The men are following a Saginaw tradition that has been in place since 1883. So they don period uniforms and adhere to the rules their ancestors followed in the 1800s.

For travelers who have never been to a vintage game in Saginaw before, the island is located in the city’s downtown area. So, access to food, drinks, parking and lodging is not a problem. We should also mention that the park plays host to a series of other Michigan events throughout the year, including open-air concerts.

To learn more about Michigan’s vintage baseball leagues and where you can catch a game with the family, please contact us at SiPiGo today. We offer travel planners information about all of the best Michigan events, year-round.


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